MADENAL Baby Bandana Drool Bibs and Pacifier Clip | 6 packs

  • Brand: Madenal

    1.REMARKABLY STYLISH – The Madenal baby Bandana Bibs set is very stylish and suitable for both girls and boys. The prints are eye-catching designs to match your baby’s clothes and cater for your own personal style!

    2.SUPER ABSORBENT AND BREATHABLE –The double layered design of our bandana baby bibs helps in intelligent moisture management. The outer layer is 100% soft organic cotton, with a high absorption capacity to restrict any fluid from crossing the bib’s boundaries. The lining is 100% Polyester Fleece, that provides added absorbency to keep your baby’s clothes dry and clean from drooling, food and fluids.

    3.REMOVABLE PACIFIER CLIP- Each bandana bib comes with a removable pacifier clip so that you no longer need worry about your child's soother getting lost. It can also safely hold teething rings, and even toys. Made to last!

    4.SAFER - Our materials are printed and dyed using a healthy, safe printing and dyeing product and process to ensure it is safe for a baby’s sensitive skin, and provides the best protection from drooling, food and fluids. Importantly, our bibs also protect your baby from dribble rashes.

    5.ADJUSTABLE - Each Baby Bandana bib has 3 Nickel-Free snaps that enables you to adjust the size of the bandana drool bibs, so that it is a perfect fit for the fast growth period of 0-36 months. The snaps are secure, making it difficult for infants and toddlers to unfasten, but are easy for parents to snap on and off.


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