Adjustable Size Cotton Washable Reusable 4 Layers Cloth Diapers -2 Pack

  • 100% Cotton
  • ADJUSTABLE DIAPER - Suitable for babies and toddlers 6kg-11kg (12-24 pounds). Velcro design to adjust a comfortable size for your baby.
  • 4 LAYERS ABSORB 10 OZ. OF LIQUID - 2 layers of soft cotton fleece with the 2 ultra-absorbent microfiber layers. Super absorption guarantees dryness.
  • NO LEAKS - Snug leg openings to prevent fraying, gussets contour to prevent leaking.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & ANTI-BACTERIAL - 100% Cotton helps prevent rash, simple to use and comfortable.
  • ECOLOGICAL & REUSABLE - Recyclable and reusable diapers to reduce waste, budget friendly and environmentally conscious.

MADENAL cloth diapers are designed to ECOLOGICAL & REUSABLE.

Two Sizes
M Size for 12lb ~ 24lb (6kg~11kg)
L Size for 19.8lb~30lb (9kg~14kg)
Each size can adjust the velcro to fit your baby's waistline.

Our baby cloth diaspers are woven with high quality soft absorbent diapers, soft and breathable to protect babies from moisture.
Say goodbye to diaper rashes, unnecessary pollution and mediocrity! 

Material: 100% Cotton. We guarantee MADENAL cloth diapers made of BPA FREE, pure natural cotton material. They are perfect for sensitive skins because our cloth diapers contain no harsh chemicals.



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