All purchases of Madenal products are made through Amazon e-commerce platform and www.Madenal.com
Any order of Madenal products is covered by 30-Days Guarantee which ensure the possibility to request a refund within 30-days after the purchase date.
If you have any question regarding Amazon 30-Days Guarantee, feel free to contact Amazon customer support for a refund at: 

All Madenal products are subject to 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of the purchase.
If you encounter any manufacturing issues regarding the Madenal product you purchased, contact our friendly customer support at support@Madenal.com to receive an immediate support.
In case of defective product, we ensure an immediate replacement without any questions asked.
Our customer support is available on a 24/7 basis. Once you email us, you will receive a reply shortly within 12 hours.
Let us take care of you with the thoughtful and professional 24/7 support and provide the hassle-free experience for doing business with us!

For returning defective products:
In some situation, we will request your help send the defective products back to our facility if we consider the need to further look into it. The shipping fee will be reimbursed immediately once you send us the receipt. 
Free samples and gifts:
Please kindly note that the free samples, the gifts and the prizes don’t have the 1-year warranty coverage. 
For checking out the warranty time of your Madenal products and get the fast and prior customer service, please register your products here. 


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