March 07, 2018

Breast pumps are a great commodity to have with a little one- whether you’re looking to relieve engorgement, feed a NICU baby, go back to work, share feeding with Dad, or build milk supply. Whether you need an electric pump or manual is a common question amongst first time shoppers.

Manual pump pros: With a manual pump, you won’t have to deal with the noise from an electric motor. You can also pump unrestricted to an outlet, the manual devices are much more compact and therefore easier to travel with, and you won’t have as many components to keep up. Manual pumps are definitely the least costly. A mother can also control comfort and the rate of expression with greater ease than with an electric pump.

Manual pump cons: A common issue is the discomfort associated with manual pumping. You have to compress the pump lever to achieve suction, and in doing so you will basically be squeezing over and over, which can cause cramping. The process of expression is also a little slower with a manual pump. 

Manual pumps are ideal for moms who do not spend a lot of time away from their child, but do not seem very suitable for moms who are on the go, or going back to work. Madenal offers a great manual pump. 

Electric pump pros: An electric (commonly double electric) breast pump has many pros. The speed of expression is higher, and you are able to express greater volumes of milk than you can with a manual. Pumping with an electric pump takes about 15 minutes, as opposed to 45 with a hand pump. With an electric pump, you can utilize a hands-free pumping kit, or bustier, and multi-task (hands free pumping is also a life saver if you end up having to power pump to increase milk supply).

Electric pump cons: Cost. Electric  breast pumps are notoriously more costly than manual;  Another setback is the noise- some electric pumps make a humming sound, which can be disruptive to a baby or sleeping family at night.

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Madenal VS Medela VS others 

Electric pumps are really suitable for mom's on-the-go, looking to return to work, or who will need to pump frequently. so a high quality breast pump is important. 

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