January 11, 2018

Finding hobbies to try can be tricky. We have to think about our limited time between caring for our children, and our limited energy at the end of the day. To that end, here are 5 hobbies for new moms to try:

 1. Cooking

You have to make food for your kids anyway, right? Take the opportunity to get creative with your cooking. Learn new ways of preparing foods. Try new ingredients together. Build masterpieces of plate design. Even if your kids don’t always appreciate the added effort you’re putting into the food, your partner probably will and you’ll discover a creative outlet you can do multiple times a day. You may even inspire your children’s love of the culinary arts.

 2. Origami or Other Art

While your kids are coloring away, take a few minutes and learn to fold paper into a crane, owl, flower, or other creation. Likely, your gifts will delight your children enough that they’ll wait for you to make another and you’ll get plenty of practice. Of course, there’s probably only so much origami you can do. Other arts and crafts can be done alongside your children’s own activities. Consider sketching, painting, or scrapbooking.

 3. Blogging

OK, it’s hard to find time to sit down and write just anytime of the day. You’ll likely have to wait for nap time or after bedtime to sit at your computer long enough to string a few thoughts together in a coherent blog post. But motherhood definitely gives us plenty of fodder to write about. Carry a notepad with you, and jot down anything funny, heartwarming, or anything that seems like a good writing topic. Then, the next time you have a few minutes, write a quick outline of what you want to write about, and then when you get to your computer, let the words flow.

 It doesn’t have to be the most perfect writing you’ve ever read; blogging is all about writing from your perspective. You can share your finished blog posts with family and friends with a free blog-hosting site like WordPress, or even just print them out as keepsakes for your children.

4. Photography

While you’re taking pics of your kids, take a few moments to take pics of something else like flowers or an interesting tree. Take a photography class to learn the basics of photographic composition, and then click away. You don’t even need to buy a fancy camera, unless you want to…cell phones take just as good of pictures. Then, with the finished products, consider making your own greeting cards or framing a few as wall-hangings in your house or even entering a couple in a photography contest. You may just win some cash!

5. Exercise

Motherhood is hard on physical fitness. Slacking off often begins in pregnancy with morning sickness and feeling awkward with our growing bellies, and just continues after childbirth with sleep deprivation and constantly caring for our newborns. So, it’s no surprise that many mothers get a few years down the road and wonder where to start to try to get back into shape. You can start now! Try a daily walk while pushing your child in a stroller, or if your child is old enough, walking beside you.

Do some strength training holding canned food items. Learn yoga or pilates, and do it in your living room to the instruction of a DVD. Dance your way to fitness with your kids. Do squats while brushing your teeth.

There’s lots of ways to squeeze in exercising in a few minutes throughout your day. Those little doses of balance mixed into your day can fuel you for the entire day, and the stamina that you’re developing from your exercise routine will only help you feel more energy.

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